Love Sports,Enjoy Freedom

To you,to me,life could be easy ,or nervous, or pet,or lost, so what?
For the people who pursue the beauty of life,always live in fun freely.
KSCAT Brand is blending the idea into the technology products and appearance designs,
in this way to bring life players different interest and aesthetic experience.

  • Pioneer

    Since the very beginning, KSCAT focus on the research of providing users the most natural sound, seek to create product that bring immersive hearing experience.

  • R&D

    Equipped with top tier human resources, our R&D team thrive in multiple areas: ID Structure, Tooling development, Electronic engineering, and Acoustics. Powering up KSCAT’s capability of creating patented unique headphones.

  • Artistic Design

    Aesthetic concepts are in every detail of our products, not only the feast of hearing, but the art of vision.

  • Strict Quality Control

    Complied with ISO standards, every step of the manufacturing process is diligently controlled. KSCAT seek to provide users 100% high quality products.


In KSCAT, we believe well designed products not only present fashionable look, but essence of easing
the burden of life and owning freedom. Equipped with the top tier of human resources from consumer
electronics industry all over the world, KSCAT thrives to craft uncompromised products by
combining newest technology with smart design.