Concept exchange

Before we start, we will sign an NDA for your project. We will make sure that your project is protected. Then we will have designated ID engineer to discuss with you about your request or ideas for your OEM/ODM product. With your specific needs, we will offer you a very details product evaluation as well as some suggestions based on our experience for product development.


Product development

When we confirmed the final design for the product, our MD engineer will make sure your idea can be realized in the most cost effective ways. And our electronic engineer will also design a brand new PCB based on your specific requirement for all the functions.


Prototype and Calibration

When the prototype is made based on your request, we will have a face-to-face or online video to show you everything about the product. After your reviewing, we will calibrate the product until you are satisfied.



After the prototype sample is confirmed, we will carry out a trial-production. This process can make sure that we will solve all the problems during the production process. It can also help you to reduce the defect rate in the early stages, which help you save cost as well.


Final production

The final production won't start until the trial-production product is proved by you. After the final production and your QC inspection, your perfect product can be ready for you now.