With over 2000 factory space and more than 50 R&D engineers, we are not just experienced in consumer electronic products OEM, but professional in ODM as well. Below are our three major categories of KSCAT products:

Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

The core of the bone conduction technology is the bone vibration speaker, it directly affects the quality and user experience of the bone conduction products. Through years of research in Bone conduction area, we managed to acquire our own patents for the bone vibration speakers. Upon the patents, we build a solid foundation as the leader of bone conduction headphones. 

IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

So far, most of Bluetooth headphones in global markets have no water resistance, such problem may negate the durability of the headphone life when customers use them during swimming, or rainy days. To solve this situation, we set up a brand new IPX 8 waterproof Lab with our highly skilled specialists and conducted over 400 tests. Finally in 2016 we successfully developed a new waterproof solution on the molecular level. It has now been proved to be much more durable and stable when KSCAT products are in the deep water. This is another milestone of KSCAT’s road to true excellence. 

Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

In KSCAT, we believe in design and sound quality. Every year, our ID engineers contribute their talent to bringing brilliant industrial design into KSCAT products family, and many of the products are now wide accepted by customers all over the world. In the meantime, our audio engineers diligently calibrate every part of the sound curve based upon client request. So that our customers may enjoy high quality yet fashionable designed Bluetooth headphones.